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We Are One

The following poem, We Are One, quoted in my tweet (@ThinkJungPMW) of March 25, 2012 is from my memoir “Project Apollo” that can be found in my book, Think Jung! How I Found Meaning in My Life. The poem reflects on the unity that we find in working on a mythic enterprise, the space program, that brought man to the moon and back, and the spiritual unity that underlies all major religions. The poem quotes from the Koran, The Old and New Testaments as well as the teachings or dharma of Buddhism. Although these religions arose as local, tribal beliefs that gave social coherence to small and often competing groups, with the moon landing and its photos of the earth from space, we now see their commonality—that the tribal fears are no longer needed or useful. There is one planet of which we are all one in spirit and destiny on which “we are one.”

We Are One

The compass spins madly

eternally seeking the

one true direction.

Museums overflow

weary with fragments

scattered by legions of men

who hacked their way

through history

claiming to follow the

one true path.

Verily, when we see clearly

that all drink from a spring

of the one pulsing artery,

then shall it be said,

we are one.

We carry with us

the ancient banners

of the gods that sheltered us.

From Artemis to Zoroaster

they encompass the

alphabet of soul

that spells the

one true word.

Hallelujah! It is revealed:

We are the Alpha and Omega.

Before the last trumpet of time

will all sin be cast aside

by compassion?

Will all revenge be annulled

by love?

Will all salvation be sealed

by peace?

For surely we will only bathe

in that pure river when

we are One.

From afar dancing

on golden rays

twirls the one blue ball

where we cling to the

one true dream

of all men and gods.

From Thebes to Rome,

from Lhasa to Kyoto.

from Jerusalem to Wittenberg,

from Babylon to Mecca,

let the word go forth.

Hear O nations of the world,

We are the Lords your Gods;

We are One.

We gather now

sons and daughters

as the world’s

one true congregation

to face the fear

of our differences.

O my brothers and sisters,

when we have banished blame,

conquered craving, and put aside pity,

then will darkness become light as

emptiness becomes non-emptiness

and suffering surrenders to

the noble truth of nirvana’s path.

Here, and only here,

annealed in the

scars of our ancestors,

we can live together when

We are truly One.

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