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My Mythic Journey – The Return

[Reincarnation] suggests that you are more than you think you are.

—-Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Although I had beseeched Lady Camille to avoid David the Dark, she cast my arguments aside as if they were of no more import than the fallen leaves of autumn.   O, how I prayed for guidance in this moment of distress and torment.  It was then that the teachings of the wizard Jung lifted my despair.  In fact, it was one of Jung’s closest associates, the Baroness von Franz, who spoke directly to the dilemma that suddenly put Lady Camille and I at dagger’s points.

The Baroness had said our Christian morality often leads us to feel that “one cannot go on living because one tries to be too perfect in a one-sided way.”  So, if Lady Camille and I both refused to yield “it would mean having to be killed and die as martyrs” at least in a psychological or spiritual sense.   No chivalrous knight could countenance such a thought never mind the action it bespoke.  Fortunately, the good Baroness counseled me to “suffer the conflict till something unexpected happens which puts the whole thing onto a different level.”  And lo, this soon occurred.

Shortly thereafter Lady Camille had dinner with her friend Lucy, the Lovely, who also had once been under the spell of David the Dark.  She confided to Lady Camille that I was being “very reasonable” in submitting to her desire to see David the Dark again and that Camille should seek other advisers about the “serious issues” I had put forward.  Lady Camille readily embraced the idea of a third party to oversee their work that I had suggested earlier.  Finally, after many months, my Lady was able to free herself from David and see the betrayal and damage he had wrought.

Time passed and then in the year 2012 A.D. Lady Camille was once again summoned to the Kingdom of Florida.  There she was to assist a wretched family in their pleadings before the court over the wrongful and senseless deaths of their parents.  Her forceful presentation of their grievances struck the decisive blow and the defendants immediately capitulated and offered many millions in settlement.  And so it came to pass during that Easter season that Lady Camille was resurrected from the martyrdom of her brutal imprisonment.

The End

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