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The Snowstorm: A Jungian Valentine


It was the end of reality.

A swirling white shroud

enveloped the world

as trees bowed low

submitting to a higher power,

barring all outer exits.

It was a blotting out,

a blinding like Oedipus

forcing one’s gaze inward

into the depths of dreams

seeking refuge and salvation

from dark demons and dragons.

There lurked the tormentor—

“Miller”—grinding down my seed,

my essence in a whirlwind

of social servitude to others’ needs.

It took a 911 call and a swat team

to release me from him

as he screamed,

“I was invited by your wife!”


 Then the storm abated,

It’s heart-warming message:

The snow must be cast aside

leaving both outer and inner space.


Paul Marshall Wortman

February 14, 2013


One comment on “The Snowstorm: A Jungian Valentine

  1. Amber Rose
    February 15, 2013

    Awesome, Paul!!! Thanks so much!! Blessings, Amber Rose

    Sent from my iPad

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